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East met West in Macao over 400 years ago, and it’s been an adventure ever since.

A treasure hidden in China’s southeast corner, Macao is a melting pot overflowing with gastronomical, historical and cultural riches. Sink your teeth into the first fusion cuisine in the world, stroll down cobbled streets to take a step back in time and RSVP to an endless lineup of events and festivals.

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What to do

Events + Festivals

Macao’s calendar is packed with world-class events, shows and festivals that celebrate the thriving city’s passion for food, sports and the arts. Do you know what’s on when you’re here?


Designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, Macao is recognised as the birthplace of fusion food. A cuisine like no other, every bite promises rich flavours with an even richer history.


Part Cantonese, part Portuguese and a sprinkling of cultures from near and far, Macao’s distinctive history offers you a cultural experience that can’t be had anywhere else in the world.


Interested in Architecture? Nature? Museums? All of the above? Macao offers an abundance of things to see, do and explore, with something for everyone around every corner.

Travel guides

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Step Out, Experience Macao

Self Guided Walking Tours

For many, there is no better way of exploring this city than on foot.

Now, you can explore and discover our destination by heading to “off the beaten track” areas where you’ll experience the true heart of Macao.

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Taipa Village

Authentic Macau

Located in the oldest yet best preserved area of Taipa, this village was once formerly home to many local fishermen.

With its traditional shop houses, quaint cobbled streets and richly endowed with a blend of Chinese and Portuguese architecture, Taipa Village provides all who visit.

“a culturally diverse landmark that offers a taste of the original, authentic Macao”


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